Let’s (remember to) play!

Staying at home to be with my daughter is no easy feat. For someone who’s used to deadlines,  meetings,  brainstorming sessions, work schedules, and income (oh income! I miss you!), it’s a huge adjustment..And it’s an adjustment that I’ve grown accustomed to for the past year  because I see the step by step development of my bouncing baby daughter. I can say I didn’t miss any of her firsts.

But do I do something special with her every day? Can I be honest and say “whenever I remember”? It’s so easy to fall into a routine that includes me working behind the computer and she playing with her favorite toys.  And then it dawns on me –oh yeah, she’s a sponge! So I connect myself to all those bookmarked activity sites and find one I like–meaning CHEAP, EASY and FUN– and do it. And every time, I think to myself she’s learning and having so much fun, what would happen if I remember to do this every day????

And so this blog. This blog aims to instill the discipline (yes, even mommies need to be disciplined) of playing with my daughter everyday whether it’s 15 minutes, an hour or two- completely sponsored by mom (meaning, excluding playdates, parties and paid classes).

Come join me make childhood and motherhood even more memorable:)


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