It’s hip to be square… heart, star, circle, trapezoid

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The best part about taking on an activity is the improvisation. Unlike a baking recipe, there’s no point to following it to the letter! I will suggest materials but please use whatever you think works. Please don’t buy anything. Our houses are cluttered enough…

Objective: exposure to shapes and recognizing them in different forms

Bonus : getting them to match the shapes

***Note: if you have an important party/picture-taking event later on in the day,  just skip ahead to guideline # 4)


  1. Cookie cutters or toy shapes from your collection of fit-the-shape-in-the-right-holes
  2. Play dough or sand or anything that will mold the cookie cutter/shape cutter
  3. Stamp pad or any kind of paint
  4. Scrapbook or notebook or paper (I keep a scrapbook so all her paper art is in one place. It was an extra thing I had lying around the house.)

Play guidelines: (Again, the FUN is in  the improvising. Your kid and my kid are different)

  1. Clear the table of everything but the materials listed above. She’s intrigued by the materials so she’ll actually pack away with excitement.
  2. Stamp the shape cutters into the stamp pad and onto the paper. Give her a shot at it and tell her what shapes they are.
  3. If this does not impress her, try stamping her left and right hands with two different shapes. Suddenly, she can differentiate between a heart and star because they’re tattooed on her (It’s a moment.)
  4. When you run out of body parts to stamp, flatten the dough and “stamp” them with the different shapes.
  5. She can  try removing the dough from the shape cutter– great for practicing hand-eye coordination. Warning: she will get frustrated.
  6. Lay out all the dough shapes and review the names and the number of hearts, stars, circles etc you made
  7. Ask her match the dough shape and the shape cutter
  8. Ask her to find a particular shape and place in a container.
  9. For the rest of the day, refer to her dough and tattoos and find the same shapes around the house. I have found the tattoos to be most effective.

Have fun and let me know how you made this activity your own!

Source: Play Activities


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