Stick ‘em up!

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You know how you get stickers from loot bags? You know how you kind of lose track of them because there are so many? You know how you can put them all in an envelope in an effort to be organized and then forget where you put them? The solution: stick ’em up!

I used to equate stickers to graffiti when it came to sticking them on furniture. And then I got over it because they’re there to liven up her room! Plus she DID it. It’s HER art. SHE’s proud of it. It ‘s come to the point that she KNOWS exactly where she wants that big and small sticker. So chalk it up to self-expression, hand-eye coordination practice and good ol’ fashion tolerance.  Besides, they’re basically pirated laser print copies of the real thing so they’re super easy to remove–when that time comes.


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