When sluggishness strikes….

Sometimes moms get lazy and sluggish and would rather forgoe activity time. True or False?

Completely TRUE … but today I rallied! Here’s how you can fight the call of Saturday morning laziness:

Start off with a PHYSICAL activity.

  • If you can get away with playing a favorite song and dancing to it, you’re lucky.
  • My little one called for “Book, book!” but I was afraid I’d fall asleep before Ariel and Scuttle discussed the dinglehopper so I pulled out Begin Smart’s Feet are Neat (Thank you kindly to her generous godmother)
  • It’s the cutest book that encourages tots and mommy to literally get on their feet and MOVE while introducing new words like wiggling, running, stopping, hopping, twirling etc. It’s super fun and gets your blood flowing.

Introduce a  NEW craft.

  • New to you since you will pay extra attention and new to her so she’ll be into it.
  • I’ve read that colors are usually identified at 24-36 months, I can’t help but try to see if my little one is an exception. Besides, she picks her clothes and shoes –and they’re usually pink.  So after our little warm up  I decided to finally pull out the water colors.  Ta-da!
  • She was so excited since the only other brush she’s been acquainted with is the hair brush. Introducing the PAINT brush….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let’s put it this way, the colors were the icing on the cake , the funnest part for my baby was dunking the brush in the water and plugging her fingers in the semi-slimy circles of paint.

And THAT is how I beat sluggishness today. How do you do it?


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