The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A children’s book becomes a classic when the meaning evolves with the reader…

My take:

A caterpillar is born innocent, full of energy and starving for life experience.

He pursues an education. But is still hungry for more. His curiosity is insatiable.

Longing for adventures, he goes out to the world and tries different things – exploring exotic places.

After some time, the caterpillar is wiser from experience and knows what is good for him.

Comfortable with his identity, he focuses on making something out of himself.

One day, he has a vision clearer than anything he's ever seen, reaches for it and soars to great heights!

Abridged adult version:

  1. Feed yourself with knowledge and experience.
  2. Marinate on it for a while.
  3. Go for it!

Children’s version:

  1. Eat healthy food.
  2. Learn how to count.
  3. Keep track of the days of the week.
  4. Understand the stages of the butterfly.

Yoga version:  super fun!!

1. Moon: Half-moon pose (arms above the head and bend to the right then left)

2. Little Egg on a Leaf: Child Pose (sit on the knees and face down to the floor)

3. 1 Apple, 2 Pears, 3 Plums: Counting and Clapping

4. Leaf: Tree Pose (stand on one leg and bend the other with one foot on the ankle)

5. Cocoon: Hand Stand (support at the hips!)

6. Butterfly: Sitting in Butterfly Pose (feet together and knees out)

Endless gratitude to Eric Carle for his universal masterpiece.

…What books transcend age and time for you?


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