Bedtime Books

My daughter’s favorite bedtime books are Goodnight Moon (1947) and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (1989). They’re peculiarly similar and equally sticky –

1. Every other page is colored which means the other pages are black and white.

2. There’s a lot of redundancy-

  • Goodnight Moon: Acknowledging every single thing in the room and saying good night to every single thing in the room

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  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Acknowledging that we’re going on a bear hunt and going through an area and then going back through every area when we find the bear.

3. It’s so redundant that my daughter has them memorized or at least can fill in the blanks.

4. They’re both dynamic. The reader feels like she’s moving whether she’s turning in bed to acknowledge the things in her room or going through mud, grass and snow to find a bear.

5. They both go somewhere and back — a literary 360.

Well this just may be the code to a successful children’s book.  I just may take a crack at this…Tell me,  what are you children’s favorite bed time books?

P.S. There’s a book fair in Market, Market from July 10-17.  If you want to find these classics and more, check it out!


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