On Videos and Vaccinations

Last Thursday, we got her flu vaccine. Since she turned a year old, the vaccines have really started affecting her. Meaning, she gets really PMS-y (Please! Mama! See!). It’s non-stop attention seeking, whining, faking tears – the works. But there is something wrong because she is normally easier to console, distract and ignore (yep, sometimes I just ignore and she moves on). So what’s a mom who allows her to watch one video a day to do?

Let her watch her favorite video – non-stop-  and fast forward to her favorite part of course! Mind you, her favorite part is a measly 2 minutes and we did this for an hour. But hey it made her forget about her discomfort and it is Sesame Street so she learned something… right?

The toddler's choice for Best Picture aka Mommy's sanity saver

What does your kid do to make you break your own rules?


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