Tattoos are the New Stamp

Of all my childhood memories, I clearly remember collecting stickers and keeping them in a brag book for my friends to admire AND eagerly waiting for the end of class to get my hand stamped with a star. Flash forward thirty years and things have evolved. Stickers are a lot cheaper and no longer stuck in books but can be used for decoration. Stamps are pretty much the vintage version of tattoos. Just add water and ta-da – a blob of color on your body. (During my time, adding water meant getting a chia pet!) My daughter loves tattoos and can’t get enough. And I’m indulging in this because we can practice counting. I also figure that when she’s a teenager and her friends contemplate getting real tattoos, she’ll associate it with her childhood and label it “uncool.” Fingers crossed*!

Anyway, kids love coloring their little body parts whether the medium be tattoos, stamps, paint, markers or even nail polish. There’s an idea for you on a rainy day:)

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*If it does come to the point of actual desire, she will need to pay with her own money and I will have to go with her– that has to be enough reason NOT to do it –said the mother with a feather tattoo…


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