Toddler Go Kart Racing

Schumacher and (ma)Claren met up on the racetrack today with brand new machines (toy containers), ready to burn some rubber. Their engines (the yayas) were revved up for a win. But alas after two rounds around the track, their engines overheated and called in a day. Schumacher and Claren are tied at 1.

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Priceless. Never ever think that you don’t have enough toys to offer. Kids create their own adventures. All we need to do is hop on board.

What adventure did your child create today?


7 responses to “Toddler Go Kart Racing

  1. The girls are so cute 🙂 My kids like to take turns “riding” on the bean bag and have the other pull across the floor for a fun ride! Glad you enjoyed my site, do visit more often. You have really cool photo slides here.

  2. susan filamor

    Gosh!!!! I find it soooo funny !!!! I am sure Sophie had a great time. i can imagine her face lighting up and really excited . She is sooo competitive. I am soo glad they tied at one.
    I found her sooo solicitous and sooo cute, when she started sharing her bottle in the end.
    Love reading all your articles.

  3. the kids are adorable! i remember the time when she’d play pretend princess and make her “palace” out of chairs and drape her sarongs (the cheap ones we’d buy in boracay) and hide inside…like a true princess would do….hide in the tower….

    Kids have great imagination and almost nothing bores them. you’re right, just give them anything and they can easily make it into something 🙂

    keep writing, love your blogs!

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