Curly Toes

The day started off great. My toddler said  “thank you” when I gave her the bottle at 6am and said “no thank you”  when she asked if she wanted more cereal.  Major breakthrough on the manners front!

Then, I tried making a mask and ended up scaring her into a corner. I tried making a tent and she refused to enter. I tried making her favorite food out of play dough and she refused to pretend eat. Mommy doesn’t seem to have the magic today.

Then I tried to pack away these blue shoes and she insisted that they still fit by curling her toes to fit within the sole.

Mo-om, my shoes STILL fit!

To prove her point, she walked around the house doing her thing. She’ll have bunions in her future if she keeps this up!

What has your child done to crack you up?


2 responses to “Curly Toes

  1. susan grace filamor

    She is sooo funny!!!! Hee!!Hee!! She really has her own mind!!!! Curling her toes to fit the blue shoes is a signal that she wants to do ballet. Per Sophia E. who I saw today,it is too early for her to start at Steps. Best time is when she is 2 1/2 years old.
    At present, students who are barely two often times cry coz they refuse to follow the teacher!!!She doesn’t know if she will continue offering the ballet class to toddlers……..

    • I can imagine your grandchild being one of the student misfits! Let’s expose her to ballet slowly so she’ll take it seriously when she starts class. You know how she can internalize when she feels like it;)

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