Little Libra

My daughter has everyone fooled that she’s a little tomboy with her refusal to adorn her hair, her preference for lifting equipment, her tendency to push boys, and her all too confident swagger when entering a familiar room. My answer: she’s a libra. She’s really a balance of both.

She loves her lipstick, her shoes and her dresses. Pink is her favorite color and posing is her innate talent. And when her crush is in the premises. Oh my goodness, she shocks me. She acts like a lovestruck teenager from the movies. Her face is shining, shimmering, splendid with joy. I suspect that he’s moving in slow-mo in her eyes. After she squeals and hops in excitement, she offers him snacks and attempts to feed him. If she could maneuver a fan, she’d fan him.

So when we played dress-up girly girl today, I really enjoyed seeing her all pretty with her bracelets and pearls, her clips and lipstick. But I was not surprised to see her violently pull them all off once she got her “fix.”

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Can I emphasize that it was really nice to see her all pretty?


2 responses to “Little Libra

  1. It’s mini mi and mini-you!
    All that was missing is a pair of your high heels.

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