Manila Art 2010

One of my most vivid childhood memories was visiting The Met with my Dad every weekend. We walked to the museum, around the museum and back home. That’s a million kilometers for a kid but I don’t remember ever complaining. I loved it.  What did I know about art back then? What do I know about it now? It’s hard to articulate. I think it’s an evolving private conversation between art and me. I’m just glad my Dad pushed me to socialize with art– period.

This weekend was the perfect time for my 21 month old daughter to start picking up on some conversations. She was a natural. So much  so we went back to the Manila Contemporary exhibit for a second chat.

Visit the Manila Art Exhibit at SMX. It’s open until Sunday, August 1st.

Here are my daughter’s favorites and believe me she was vocal about it:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 responses to “Manila Art 2010

  1. She looks so engrossed!!! I love that she’s an art appreciator!

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