The Ally

It’s one of the best tricks up my sleeve: a covert operation between a certain plastic human and me.

About six months ago, my daughter treated Dolly like an infant and even breastfed her at night. Well Dolly seems to have grown up and joined my daughter in the trenches of toddlerhood. Like Forrest and Bubba, they have each other’s backs.  And as soon as an act of rebellion surfaces, Dolly – my ally– plays in my favor and I emerge victorious. Here are the battles I’ve won so far:

  1. Administering the nasal aspirator. I guess it helps when someone else is in pain with you.
  2. Wearing a bib. She thinks it’s really cool that they’re “the same!”
  3. Eating. She eats whatever Dolly “eats” and likes to feed her.
  4. Brushing her teeth. Dolly has no teeth but they get brushed as much as my toddler.
  5. Cleaning up. Dolly is the first one to start packing away while she “assists.”
The ally

Dolly at work: wearing the bib AND eating. Excellent.

Dolly and Mommy.

An unlikely alliance.

**Note to Dolly: I expect a suitable replacement upon resignation.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve?


2 responses to “The Ally

  1. Have a friend who ended up having 3 versions of her child’s favorite doll, a sheep. The first ‘meh’ initially got lost, so she bought 2, with one to act as the replacement and the other as a reserve- just in case…the original was eventually found so now she has baby, mama and papa ‘meh’.

    May be wise also for dolly to grow older, so start scouting for that life size doll. Unless, you produce another real life doll!

    Proud to say I still have my baby pillow since birth. Yes, it has with the cumulation of laway and pawis to give it that personal scent!

    • Hahaha I was just thinking that she does want the “real life doll.” She’s very attracted to babies. All her friends in her playgroup have baby sisters. We have the baby dolly and the stand up dolly..I will look for their twins…Thanks!

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