Top 5 Ways a Guilty Mom Cares for her Sick Child

Sick child = Guilty mother

Whenever my daughter gets sick, I feel nothing but guilt – the guilt of exposing her to a sickly environment, the guilt of trying to get some work done while taking care of her, the guilt of wishing she’d sleep so I can get some rest too! So here are the Top 5 ways this guilty mother cared for her sick child today:

1. Let her watch a video in order to sneak in a 30-minute workout. If I didn’t do this, I would have passed out at 3pm. The double duty of caring for a sick child is not just limited to medicine, it extends to more diaper changes, more play time, more tantrums and more hugs. So my little breather this morning got me through the day.

2. Make juice cubes. She loves juice and she loves ice. So we froze her favorite juice in an ice tray. I think I was more excited than she was. I gingerly popped the juice cube in my mouth. She tried to nibble on it like a piece of chocolate. It was too cold so she ate it from a tray and enjoyed the melted juice more than the ice. Go figure!

3. Give her the toy you stashed from last year’s Christmas shopping. Since she couldn’t go outside, I thought a new toy would compensate. A basket full of wooden fruits and vegetables certainly helped her forget her stuffy nose. She was so eager for another toy that she followed me to the bathroom– the whole day.

4. Let her eat junk food. I pulled out all the chips reserved for the weekend and the chocolates from the loot bags. If it makes her happy why not? (It makes mommy happy too!) For some reason she does not get as hyper with junk when she’s sick…must be due to the extra germ fighting action in her little body. I even entertained thoughts of getting KFC for dinner and realized that it wouldn’t be a treat for her as much as it would for me. Sinigang dinner was the way to go. She ate everything plus seconds.

5. Hug it out. In the midst of all the saliva, snot and sweat I absorbed from the past 36 hours, a miracle happened. She’s better. Was it because she embraced me through all her slumbers? Did she absorb the remaining good germs in me? Did she just pity me and decide to let the medicine kick in? As long she’s ok, my work is done.

It’s time for some KFC.

How do you nurse your child back to health?


4 responses to “Top 5 Ways a Guilty Mom Cares for her Sick Child

  1. been following your blog and i salute you for the originality and helpful tips in how to deal with various kid situations. shine on!

  2. susan grace filamor

    Glad to know that my little grandchild is up and about. She rarely gets sick ( thank God),so she deserves all the treats that you gave her.Hah! Hah! Hah!
    Can’t help it, I am of course her doting Mama S!!!

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