My daughter has acquired the new habit of returning things to its rightful owner. She sees her dad’s glasses in the hall way bookcase, she knocks on the door of his bathroom to return them. She finds my bag, messes around with my stuff and returns individual items to me with a proud smile  (ingenious tactic on her part).  Of course, if I’m really looking for my hair  brush, she just says “No more” (i.e. “I don’t know. I don’t remember, I don’t want to) and I find it DEEP inside her closet. Ok, so she’s selective about what she returns. She’s ONE.

So she chanced upon a piece of mail with the London Business School (LBS)  logo last night. She grabbed it and handed it to her dad. He then instructed her to find everything else in the house with the same logo. She’s ONE, right? Well she ran down to our room, turned on the lights, opened the closet and rummaged through my husband’s hat collection. She delivered 2 caps (yes, he has two caps that look exactly the same).  And she wasn’t done. She proceeded to the kitchen and reached for the LBS sports bottle (yes, he IS a huge fan of his alma mater),


London Business School FOREVER

London Business School FOR-EVER!

 London Business School, are you reading this? I say give all your alums free stuff so their kids have LBS engraved in their  little minds. Future applicant, future recruiter,  and  brand loyalist right here!

Does your child have an affinity for a brand? Challenge him to find everything related to it and prepare to get your socks knocked off.

Have an awesome weekend!


8 responses to “Branded

  1. Are you kidding??? Galing!!!

    • THAT’S how impressionable kids are but I suspect it’s the association with her dad that really sealed it in. I’ve been teaching her the alphabet for over a month and I *think* she recognizes the letter A. So maybe daddy should teach her or we get caps and water bottles with letters on it!

  2. Hahaha.. I love how her read first words echo education. Intellectual at hand!

  3. Wow! she soaks things like a sponge. And even up to now her dad keeps asking if he left his LBS coffee cup and shirt in my flat!

  4. OMG. I totally see a advertising campaign in the making happening! You should pitch this to LBS!! You think I’m kidding, but I’m only slightly kidding. At least let them read the blog post. I’m totally making Ryan read this.

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