Who’s The Boss?

What kids lack in words they compensate with actions aka performances.

Last year, a friend told me about her five-year old who vehemently objected to the idea of her mother going on a trip with her dad, for a wedding no less. On the morning that she was to depart, her five-year old contracted a fever. Her mother says she summoned it. I couldn’t believe it.

Then it happened to me.

It was time for a break. I nursed her back to health all week and it was time for some R & R. Nothing crazy, just a meal and maybe some karaoke with friends visiting from Singapore.  You know the anticipation and excitement that you feel when you’re about to board a plane to a new country for an awesome adventure or getting out of the office early enough on a Friday to beat the rush hour? THAT’S how I felt about going out last night.  I can’t believe that’s what it has come to.

Anyway, she summoned a fever.

Apparently, I did not apply for this vacation leave soon enough. Like any guilt-laden mother (i.e., rookie first-time mom), I stayed in. I’m not going into the drama of how she convinced me to skip my date with the husband. I’ll save that for another post –maybe something like Top 5 Signs of a Summoned Fever or How to Overcome Mother’s Guilt or something. I’m just seriously wondering if she’d be dancing and bouncing around right now had I taken my leave…

This is beginning to smell fishy. All I know is that Daddy didn’t fall for it and I think she knew it. Is this a case of takes one to know one?

Remember me when this happens to you…

4 responses to “Who’s The Boss?

  1. 1. Really?? That’s amazing! I can’t believe kids can do that! 2. I double can’t believe Daddy still went out! hahahaha!

  2. Well when I was in the ICU for heart condition, mom went ballroom dancing as a ‘form of remedy’. You can always take the ‘I need that outlet’ approach.

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