Just Me

I never thought I’d be a work at home mom. I never thought I’d be hands-on with my daughter. I remember thinking that I’m not playful enough to raise a child.  And here I am… documenting our adventures every day!

I’m your average, practical, budget savy mom who is trying her best to make her daughter’s childhood memorable. I avoid anything over the top and maintain the belief that a child’s joys are simple. I’m a big fan of learning through play, fresh air, and mom inventions.

This blog is a life long embrace to my one year-old daughter and a salute to all inspiring moms out there.


14 responses to “Just Me

  1. Abigail Strangemann

    Great site!! I first checked it on my Blackberry but the version from a regualr PC is much better!

  2. im a fan already! keep it coming!

    i love your style!

  3. Child’s Play Manila,

    Bravo! I look forward to reading more posts and better relating to them once my baby girl arrives!

    i love your blog’s look..Excited to read on..

    The Happy Spectator

  4. So glad i finally found the time to read your blogs! I’ve bookmarked your site and can’t wait to read more stories.

    Great insights and ideas to pick up for my Ponce! And i will definitely share my stories with you about Gabby that you might find useful with your daughter:)

    Keep ’em coming Mama!


    • Thank you so much! This is my love letter to my daughter:)…it’s a reason to feel guilty when she gives me a headache during her teens;p hahahaha I’ll probably be writing about that too!

  5. I know I said I open my laptop at home only 3 times a month — well, this is one of those times and thankfully you gave me a more productive reason to use the internet today! Awesome words:) Somehow everyday life looks a lot more colorful again… Keep it up! *Mwah*

  6. This is very interesting, a great site to get ideas for young moms (and young grannies too) both in content and style. Keep it going and do write those children’s books. You have what it takes to produce a classic: a deep understanding and appreciation of a child’s psyche and the love to go with it.

    • Oh my goodness! You just made my day! Thank you for defining my new demographic– (always) young granny– and thank you for enjoying the view:) I have lots to learn and look forward to sharing it with you… Thank you for the encouragement on the children’s book too. What a dream!

  7. This blog warms my heart. Well done- creative, informative, witty, and precise.
    Keep it coming, I feel as if I’m right beside you and your beautiful daugher. 🙂