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Adults see one thing but children see so much more! Activate your child vision and enjoy the view.

The World as She Knows It

child’s play manila has moved to its permanent home!

Continuing the series on child x-ray vision and getting to know your toddler from the inside.

When your toddler seems to be breaking things left and right remember this: Toddlers are rookies in life. They don’t know any better.

Do you remember moving into your first home? Everything seemed perfect when you found it, inspected it and renovated it. And then you lived in it. Totally different story.

Click here to find out how similar you and your toddler are afterall.


Child X-Ray Vision

child’s play manila has moved to its permanent home! Come visit:

Uh-oh. Just discovered a new dimension to child vision.

She sees: Art on canvass

I see: Click here to see my view

Down to some REAL business

Child’s Play Manila has moved to its permanent home! Come visit!

…More tricks for those tired days!

What do you do with business cards that have nothing to do with your job?  I’m talking about the cards for restaurants, galleries, exhibits, and stores. Why do you pick one up and where do you keep them? I keep these kind of business cards if they’re pretty and for the ” just in case” scenarios (i.e. just in case I win the lottery and remember that I have the card of those things I didn’t need but suddenly do need now).  Well just in case never happens *ahem*  hasn’t happened yet. But in the mean time,  my daughter is putting those cards to good use.

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