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The Ally

It’s one of the best tricks up my sleeve: a covert operation between a certain plastic human and me.

About six months ago, my daughter treated Dolly like an infant and even breastfed her at night. Well Dolly seems to have grown up and joined my daughter in the trenches of toddlerhood. Like Forrest and Bubba, they have each other’s backs.  And as soon as an act of rebellion surfaces, Dolly – my ally– plays in my favor and I emerge victorious. Here are the battles I’ve won so far:

  1. Administering the nasal aspirator. I guess it helps when someone else is in pain with you.
  2. Wearing a bib. She thinks it’s really cool that they’re “the same!”
  3. Eating. She eats whatever Dolly “eats” and likes to feed her.
  4. Brushing her teeth. Dolly has no teeth but they get brushed as much as my toddler.
  5. Cleaning up. Dolly is the first one to start packing away while she “assists.”
The ally

Dolly at work: wearing the bib AND eating. Excellent.

Dolly and Mommy.

An unlikely alliance.

**Note to Dolly: I expect a suitable replacement upon resignation.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve?


Prayer Book

I couldn’t believe that time had come already. I thought it would happen when she’s older. But she seems to be catching on to popular opinion: sometimes praying is a drag.

Perhaps the more wholesome way to saying it is that sometimes it’s easy to forget about the joy of prayer. I certainly didn’t want her to fall into this trap especially when I firmly believe that she’s a home-based angel with a direct line to the The Man Upstairs.

From her behavior (running away, pretending not to hear me) I figured that our practice of prayer just meant repeating the names of each of her family members which reached new depths of  boring when she started just shouting and whispering the names for variety. So with all our extra pictures lying around, we put together a picture book of our immediate famiy with some images of Mama Mary, Jesus and angels (putting to good use those souvenir postcards from my travels) to let her know it is prayer that we’re doing.

So far so good!

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Typhoon (almost) Terrible Twos

I’ve realized that it’s not about protecting my child from the furniture. She has learned how to maneuver herself around the corners of a table and tackle the height of the sofa. It’s the furniture that I have to protect from my child. It has come to that. She’s Typhoon (almost) Terrible Twos and we need to implement some pre-emptive measures of  destruction NOW to prevent further casualties. (Did I tell you about the headless golf trophies?)  So we matted the coffee table and placed a makeshift slip cover on our sofa. I think she’s destroyed everything else worth preserving.

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Book Ornaments

Binder clip + Ribbon = Book Ornament

I’m a big fan of book covers but we simply don’t have the space for a proper book cabinet like the one shown here . And our walls are so shabby that we can’t nail book shelves on them either. So here’s the next best thing for those of you who are in a similar predicament. Introducing the book ornament:

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The book covers brighten up the room and more importantly they spark my baby’s interest. By displaying the books by theme, she gets to focus without getting bored. Plus, the rest of her books can be kept aside (Less clutter is a happy mother!) Today we hung animals, tomorrow we’ll do Disney and the next day, perhaps parts of the body. I love that she’s starting to show interest in books she used to ignore. Perhaps some books are more appreciated as paintings.