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Child Vision…Activate!

So you’re tired from work, from your day, from your life. You come home to your bouncing toddler and she wants to play while you just want to cuddle. She’s sick of her toys and you don’t feel like doing crafts, don’t feel like inventing a story– don’t really feel like thinking period. But she’s pleading for attention and you want to deliver.

What do you do?

Child Vision… ACTIVATE! Look at your house with the eyes of your child and you’ll find easy ways to make your time with her the most memorable part of your day.

Now let’s a take a look around the house shall we?

1. You see:  a bag of your stuff

Hand bag

It's not just a bag...

She sees:  forbidden treasure

Bag of your stuff

It's a treasure chest!

Anything of yours is extremely interesting to your child. And if your stuff is off limits then take a second and remember the high of scoring alcohol using a fake ID. THAT’S how she feels when she accesses your forbidden stuff.  So why not give her a free pass? My daughter is a make-up fan so she immediately seeks the kikay kit in my handbag (and her grandmothers). Other ideas: let her explore your gym bag, your laptop bag (sans laptop). When my daughter is tired of my handbag, she tries to sneak into her dad’s gym bag and likes to handle..hmmm… his kikay kit.

2. You see: toy containers

Go kart equipment

These are multi-functional...

She sees: go-karts


If she fits into anything, all you have to do is push. You will never see or hear such PURE  JOY in your home. And for that you will summon up the energy to push and push..and push again.

3. You see: bath basin / bath tub

Not just a bath basin

This is not just a bath basin...

She sees: swimming pool

pool toys

Swimming is like taking a bath or taking a bath is like swimming:)

She loves the pool why not re-create it when she takes a bath? It took me 22 months to figure this out. My daughter is so much easier to bathe now that we added her favorite pail and a random funnel to the mix. She just loves pouring away and has even more fun with no bathing suit in the way. Now she whines when the bath is ending rather than the beginning.

4. You see: parenting magazine

not just for parents

Smart Parenting is not just for parents...

She sees: kiddie catalog

Smart Parenting is for kids too

Smart Parenting is for kids too!

Fortunately, magazines are laid out so nicely that they’re attractive to children as well. Case in point: the August 2010 issue of Smart Parenting. Let her leaf through the magazines and you can talk about what you see. In our case, she pointed out everything she recognized and even associated them with her friends. All I had to do was seriously pay attention and interpret her toddler accented English. (“I” sounds like “E”, can’t say “O” unless it’s “No” that kind of thing)

5. You see:  curtain

The curtain has feet

Curtains aren't just for blocking out the light

She sees: peek a boo

My curtain came with a kid!

They're for tiring out your kids!.. and laughing and surprising and watching the news.

This is especially useful when you’re aching to lie down and take a breather.  I also find that pretending I can’t see her  works as well. Plus, it’s the easiest way to catch the news on TV. When she uses the curtain for the peek a boo action, I super exaggerate my surprised reaction so she’s goaded to peek a boo more and is doubly surprised, doubly giddy and doubly tired.

Ok you got me. Activating child vision is tiring –more for you than your child. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to see your home as a playground. Endless possibilities! So you’re more tired and try to come up with ways to get your child to go to bed earlier. Hey if you played hard, you definitely bonded harder. If you ask me falling asleep with your child is one of the great last acts to your  day.

What have you discovered with your child vision?


Little Libra

My daughter has everyone fooled that she’s a little tomboy with her refusal to adorn her hair, her preference for lifting equipment, her tendency to push boys, and her all too confident swagger when entering a familiar room. My answer: she’s a libra. She’s really a balance of both.

She loves her lipstick, her shoes and her dresses. Pink is her favorite color and posing is her innate talent. And when her crush is in the premises. Oh my goodness, she shocks me. She acts like a lovestruck teenager from the movies. Her face is shining, shimmering, splendid with joy. I suspect that he’s moving in slow-mo in her eyes. After she squeals and hops in excitement, she offers him snacks and attempts to feed him. If she could maneuver a fan, she’d fan him.

So when we played dress-up girly girl today, I really enjoyed seeing her all pretty with her bracelets and pearls, her clips and lipstick. But I was not surprised to see her violently pull them all off once she got her “fix.”

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Can I emphasize that it was really nice to see her all pretty?

Pretend Hats

It’s really sunny today and my daughter says that everyone needs a hat and sunblock!

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This was a great exercise in differentiating between big and small. With a little coaching, she managed to find the right-size hat for the right-size head.

How do you teach your child about sizes?

Toddler Go Kart Racing

Schumacher and (ma)Claren met up on the racetrack today with brand new machines (toy containers), ready to burn some rubber. Their engines (the yayas) were revved up for a win. But alas after two rounds around the track, their engines overheated and called in a day. Schumacher and Claren are tied at 1.

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Priceless. Never ever think that you don’t have enough toys to offer. Kids create their own adventures. All we need to do is hop on board.

What adventure did your child create today?

Let’s pretend!

I think we’ll make this a weekly thing.

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Tea Party

Sometimes I forget to pretend. I’ve become consistent with the playing because of this blog. But I need to remember to use my imagination too. (This is what happens when you’re a experiential personality.)

So today, we used our stacking toys and hosted a tea party for my daughter’s favorite peeps (dolly, baby, doggy and Bailey):

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We’ve got to do this more often.

How do you play pretend with your child?