Fab Finds

I love raising my child as much as I love discovering things that make my life easier. I love them even more when they’re proudly Philippine made. Stay tuned to this page!

1. Snoe white soap. It’s a line of whitening soap but I’m not in it for the whitening. I love it because this particular one prevents wrinkles and fine lines. So far so good– my skin feels soft and my pores are tighter. There’s a bunch of other soaps that lighten underarms and inner thighs or get rid of freckles and other blemishes. There’s something for everyone!

Nice skin = easier to get ready in the morning.

Contact: info@snoe-enterprise.com

2. Skin Aide. It’s a pimple killer! Coconut oil  mixed with tea tree oil is your ticket to blemish-free skin. At any sign of a pimple (internal or external), I dab a little on the area and it’s gone when I wake up.

Pimple free = worry free

Visit: www.allorganics.com.ph

3.  Two Tots. Maker of charming children’s furniture and accessories. I love the homemade, not too finished look and feel of their products. I want this book case or something like it, if only I had the space. Kids needs to see book covers.

Visible book covers = little reader

Visit: www.twotots.net

4. Picole. Healthy popsicles made with real fruit. Let’s face it too much sugar is bad for your kid’s teeth, your kid’s systems and your own nerves. If only more fruit were on sticks…

Healthy pops = Natural high

Visit: www.picolehealthyicepops.com

5. Messy Bessy Insect Repellant.  It WORKS. Isn’t that  all we want?  I’ve tried the lotions, sprays, stickers, bracelets – imported and local – and they were o-kay. But this one is DEET-free, doesn’t stick or stink and made from natural oils. The search is finally over.

Messy Bessy = relieved mommy, bite-free baby

Visit: www.messybessy.com

DEET-free, stink and stick-free

6. My First Bilingual Visual Dictionary (English/Filipino). As a future homework tutor, you might as well brush up on your vocabulary and expose your child to her native tongue in a formal manner. She’s sponge and will probably remember it better than you!

Bilingual dictionary = a head start

Visit: http://www.tahananbooks.com or your neighborhood bookstore


3 responses to “Fab Finds

  1. Kids needs to see book covers. – good insight! havent really thought about covers 🙂 … yea i wish i have the space too!

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