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Like all worthwhile things in life, crafts are not about the results but the process. We made a pair of binoculars today out of purely recycled items: toilet paper rolls, scrap art paper, and ribbon. I thought she’d enjoy making something. We didn’t get that far. She enjoyed handling the tools— the glue, the markers, the popsicle stick and the hole puncher. How simple children are. Here’s mommy busy with the goal in mind and there’s my daughter delighting in the stickiness of the glue, enjoying the mere act of replacing marker caps and marveling at the engineering genius of the hole puncher. It’s hard to imagine living in such a basic world. Looks like my toddler made a pair of binoculars for me!

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Source: No Time for Flash Cards

She did enjoy the binoculars at the end. Her eyes are shut most times. Honestly I think she’s merely indulging me, feeling my excitement in making them. My little politician…

What would you like to see through the eyes of a child?