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Toddler Go Kart Racing

Schumacher and (ma)Claren met up on the racetrack today with brand new machines (toy containers), ready to burn some rubber. Their engines (the yayas) were revved up for a win. But alas after two rounds around the track, their engines overheated and called in a day. Schumacher and Claren are tied at 1.

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Priceless. Never ever think that you don’t have enough toys to offer. Kids create their own adventures. All we need to do is hop on board.

What adventure did your child create today?


Let’s pretend!

I think we’ll make this a weekly thing.

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Tea Party

Sometimes I forget to pretend. I’ve become consistent with the playing because of this blog. But I need to remember to use my imagination too. (This is what happens when you’re a experiential personality.)

So today, we used our stacking toys and hosted a tea party for my daughter’s favorite peeps (dolly, baby, doggy and Bailey):

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We’ve got to do this more often.

How do you play pretend with your child?